I'm Naomi, a british seventeen year old trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. 50lbs down. { }

i dont like going to bed sad 

matt healy is like one of those once in a lifetime bad ass boyfriends who gets you into trouble a lot but loves you so much it kind of fucks you up abit 

you know when you send a message then instantly regret it but it needed to be said

fuck me

Anonymous: I always feel like I eat too much! What I eat isn't necessarily bad for me but I Just want to stop eating so much.. What do I do? x 

if its good food and its the right amount for your body then it’s okay! the way i track my intake is by the app myfitnesspal x

Anonymous: How do I lose weight??? Xx 

Eat right and exercise xx

Anonymous: Having the same thing going on with my bf at the moment, but since wednesday. This is fucking me up 

Id give advice but I don’t know what to do myself, so far I’m rewatching the entire first season of supernatural